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Services Offered

Cash Management Planning

Cash Flow Analysis

  • Itemization of income
    • Earned
    • Unearned
  • Itemization of expenses
    • Committed
    • Discretionary
  • Calculation of cash reserve and liquidity needs

Net Worth Analysis

  • Itemization of assets
    • Purchase Date
    • Purchase Cost
    • Latest Valuation Date
    • Current Value
  • Calculation of cash reserve and liquidity needs
  • Itemization of liabilities
    • Current balance
    • Current payment amount
    • Current interest rate

    Debt Management/Structuring

    • Home purchase and financing analysis
    • Analysis/comparison of debt payoff/consolidation options

    Protection Planning

    • Life insurance needs analysis
    • Disability income needs analysis
    • Long-term care needs analysis

    Investment Planning

    • Analysis of current investments
    • Risk tolerance analysis
    • Asset allocation analysis
    • Investment recommendation analysis
    • Investment portfolio development
    • Investment strategy tax analysis
    • Portfolio rebalancing

    Tax Planning

    • Tax minimization planning
    • Social Security tax analysis

    Small Business Planning

    Business Cash Flow

    • Calculation of liquidity and cash reserve needs
    • Business financing needs analysis
    • Business ratio analysis

    Business Valuation

    • Business valuation analysis

    Business Tax Planning

    • Business income tax analysis
    • Business income tax minimization planning
    • Business operation entity choice review

    Benefits Planning

    • Owner’s benefits analysis
    • Key employees’ benefits analysis
    • Group employees’ benefits analysis

    Business Succession/Transition

    • Business succession planning
    • Business transition planning

    Business Risk Management

    • Planning against business losses in the event of disability or death
    • Planning against loss of a key employee
    • Short-term contingency planning
    • Planning against loss of your investment in the business

    Education Planning

    • Education goal and savings need analysis
    • Education funding options
    • Financial Aid and Expected Family Contribution estimates

    Retirement Planning

    • Analysis of retirement need
    • Alternative retirement analysis
    • Estimate of retirement income
    • Estimate of retirement expenses and taxes
    • Estimate of retirement cash flow
    • Retirement funding alternatives
    • Rollover/transfer options
    • Pay-out analysis (Lump-sum vs. Pension)
    • Survivor benefits
    • Early Distributions
    • Separately Equal and Periodic Payments (SEPP)
    • Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
    • Company-Sponsored Retirement Plans (401(k), 403(b), profit sharing, stock purchase)
    • Government-Sponsored Retirement Plans (457, FRS/DROP, FERS, CRS)

    Estate Planning & Conservation

    • Estate liquidity needs analysis
    • Beneficiary designations
    • Gifting planning
    • Charitable giving planning
    • Estate tax minimization planning

    Church/501(c)(3) Growth & Development Planning